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Library Media Center:
We have flexible scheduling in our library. Technology has taken its place to house not only books in print, but information on CD Databases, and electronic resources creating an information highway which is readily accessible at computer stations. The library media specialist must not only maintain the library collection, but also manage the technology housed in the library, and teach the necessary skills which will give students experience and confidence that will enable them to use the library and information resources for lifelong learning experiences. Library Media specialist working collaboratively with teachers, will empower all students to become independent library media centers users.

Accelerated Reading Program :
La Encantada Elementary students participate in the Reading Renaissance Program. The Reading Renaissance program consists of the Accelerated Reader computerized reading management system. This program monitors and motivates literature-based reading skills is to boost reading practice by offering and objective task management learning information system, featuring an array of tests on fascinating fiction and nonfiction. Students select a book that is labeled with a certain amount of points and reading level. The books which are part of the Accelerated Reader Program are books which are selected because of their quality literature, such as the Newberry Award books and the Caldecott Award books. Students read the story and take a computerized test, on a computer, which is housed in their classroom. After accumulating points, the students may redeem them at the library for the prize of their choice. The students with the most points at the end of the year is recognized as well as the participants with the librarian monitor reading progress and encourage students to keep reading logs so they can monitor their own progress as well. The Accelerated Reader Program has improved reading scores and is a high motivator for all students and staff. The Reading Program is implemented in the early childhood through scheduled story hour at the library and in the classroom.