Mission Statement

About La Encantada Elementary

Mission Statement:
The mission of La Encantada Elementary is to provide a positive, safe and challenging learning environment for all students.

Vision Statement:
The vision of La Encantada Elementary is to challenge the students to go for the gold and succeed in life.

School Colors:
Red and White

School Mascot:
La Encantada Lions

School Motto:
“Leading the Way to Excellence”

School Song
Sing for the school we love so well
and we never shall forget
Dear Encantada you’re our pride
Your honor we’ll defend.
Encantada, Encantada, Three cheers for our school.
Finest boys and girls are found at Encantada School
Encantada, Encantada, How we all love you!
Join with us in cheering for Encantada School.